About Texas Star Burlesque

Mission Statement

Burlesque for Dallas is a collective of like minded individuals unified by a desire to provide quality entertainment focusing on a variety of performance arts.

Core Values

All entertainment must inspire, move, and evoke emotions from our audiences. Inclusion with our collective will not infringe upon any entertainer and/or producer from engaging creatively with non-collective individuals or groups. Our success will be measured by the positive or negative responses of our audiences and by the positive experience of our performers.

We believe our Core Values will create a goal that will enhance our local, state, and regional burlesque communities. We aim to provide viability and sustainability by bringing a safe and respectful environment for each human element involved in bringing quality burlesque art to the public audience.

  • It’s not about the Desire, It’s about the Effort

  • It’s not about the shape, It’s the Content

  • It’s not about the Talent, It’s about the Passion

  • It’s not about the Heart, It’s the Soul

  • It’s not about the Love, It is the Love

  • It’s not about Me, It’s about All of Us

(A poem by A.D. Bazan)